Real estate brokers and agents will find using Dakini Engineering an excellent way to promote their business. We provide agents with reliable, professional, and high-quality reports that will provide their homebuyers peace of mind. Dakini offers foundation, drainage and landslide inspections. Our service is for the homeowner and the real estate with professional excellence in:

  • Foundation inspections
  • Foundation reports
  • Manometer floor level surveys

Manometers: Why This Report Reduces Your Liability

A manometer floor level survey is an accurate numerically measured topographical survey of the home, or building’s, slab and/or foundation system. This empirical information then identifies the degree of stability or elevation loss of the structure. With this information we can conclude accurately if the structure is stable or if it is in need of specific foundation repair. A manometer provides a factual assessment of the home or building, not an opinion. This will help your house sell, law suit resistant.

Fee Schedule of Inspection Services

  • Special: Visual Verbal Consultation & Inspection = $350
  • Special: Manometer Floor Level Survey Only = $450
  • Manometer Floor Level Survey, Report & Cost Analysis of Repairs. Homes 700 to 1,300 Sq. Ft. = $650 and Homes over 1,301 to 3,000 Sq. Ft. = $750

Download Flyer & Fee Schedule

Foundation Repair and Replacement, Drainage and Landslide Services

We provide complete foundation services and hillside integrity issues:

  • Grading plans
  • Hydrology studies
  • Inspections
  • Reports
  • Engineering
  • Designs
  • Repairs
  • Manometer Floor Level Surveys
  • Cost Analysis
  • Hillside repair
  • Designs and drafting
  • Engineering services

We are experts in landslide and foundation and drainage repairs. We feature Manta Ray® Earth Anchor Systems for Keystone and masonry walls.

Grading Plans & Hydrology Studies

  • Storm Water Management & Water Run Off and BMP’s
  • Silt Fence, Straw Waddles & Slope Protection installations
  • Concrete, Masonry & Keystone Retaining Walls
  • Slope Repairs, De-watering, Grading & Excavation
  • Manta Ray Tie Backs, Pilings, Caisson
  • Certified installer of Maclean/Dixie Helical Anchors, Soil Nailing & Tie backs

Foundation Repair and Replacement Experts:

  • Manometer Floor Level Surveys
  • Inspections, Cost Analysis & Designs
  • New Foundations, Replacements & Repairs

Landslide Repair Experts:

  • Grading & Excavation
  • Engineering, Surveying, Designs
  • Tight Access & Specialty Equipment

Drainage Systems:

  • Design Services
  • Water Proofing
  • French Drains
  • Brow Ditches
  • De-watering of Sites

Retaining Walls:


  • Demo, New & Repair
  • City side walks
  • Curbs & gutters
  • ADA Handicap Ramps & Access
  • Drive ways
  • Patios
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Concrete Pavers

Under Ground Utilities:

  • Electrical, Water, Sewer & Gas

Sewer Laterals:

  • New & Replacements
  • Back Flow Valves
  • Steep Hill Side Installations



Renting construction equipment gives you flexibility; you gain control of your total equipment expenses, and you can utilize the right equipment only when you need it.

Dakini Engineering rents construction and concrete equipment to clients. Equipment rental services are with our staff only, no bare rentals. We have a variety of equipment including bobcat, spider backhoe, backhoe, dump truck, mini-excavator and more.

Please contact our office at 619-697-9000 for an up-to-date quote on all equipment rentals.