San Diego home remodel winner As an award-winning licensed Building and Construction Contractor in the state of California, Dakini gets many clients coming to us in need of a complete rework or reconstruction of other general contractors’ work. Why? Because at Dakini, we understand engineering and design where many general contractors do not. Dakini works in concert with leading Engineering Building Contractors who are licensed to do structural assessments, design, and repairs to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Additionally, Dakini is certified and licensed to perform construction work or repairs to San Diego city streets.

Most general building contractors have no way of understanding if the engineering designs they are following are adequate or even feasible. All too frequently our experience has been that the plans/drawings from unknown or unfamiliar “engineering” company(s) are simply not buildable. This is because the designs are often over engineered and are more about working around legal requirements rather than doing a sound and safe build that meets the client’s needs. The downside to these engineering designs is they are simply too cost prohibitive to build. Too often general building contractors (who are inexperienced or lack knowledgeable regarding engineering requirements or design) cannot adequately evaluate or challenge the quality of the engineering design, which eliminates the oversight between engineering and construction.

Through over 20 years of proven and award winning construction expertise in San Diego, Dakini possesses the requisite experience to evaluate an engineering design to know what will work and what are the best options to keep building costs fair and competitive while providing the client with a superior construction product.

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